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I’m Lindy – that’s me, Lou Lou & Floss. I love to create, always have. From making scrunchies and homemade cards in my childhood bedroom, to beading, making jewellery, mosaics, giving new life to old furniture through a lick of paint… just ask the husband and kids. They’ve seen many of these creative stages, and I’ve seen a few rolled eyes from them over the years! But hey… Happy Wife – Happy Life (and mother!). Creating is fabulous therapy.

I’m self-taught and I forgot to do art at school, which made the Graphic Design degree I took at uni somewhat tricky…. And short-lived!

Instagram and Pinterest provide such a lot of inspiration with so many fabulous artists and their different styles. I love to get lost following these creative souls from all over the world.

I don’t have a style but definitely lean more towards abstract, and using mixed media, i.e., acrylic paints, watercolours, pastels, ink, paint pens, palette knives and other tools I find lying around. And I love lots of texture and colour!

You see, I need to create, but don’t need to do the housework…

I just love how painting makes me feel. I never really know what may come from my head onto the canvas, I sort of just go with the flow. No rules… and if it’s rubbish, I just paint over it and start again!

I live on a farm. I’ve got a long-suffering husband, two (sort of) adult kids, an old mini foxy dog, and a cat.

That’s me…
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